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Friends & Family

Make no mistake: my friends and family (particularly my mother as well as my pets) mean the world to me. There is nothing more important to me. I used to not have any friends, and looking back, I don't know how I managed. They know it all, but I couldn't live without them. I'd be absolutely miserable.

To me, there are differences between a good friend, a close friend and a best friend (the latter two have typically gone together with me). A close friend is one I can confide in in pretty much anything, and feel more or less comfortable with anything on my mind or their mind. A good friend is similar, but maybe I'm a bit less close to emotionally. In the past when I had a close friend I typically called them 'my best and closest' friend because we were so close. At this time I don't actually have a close friend but I certainly have some good (if not 'great') friends.

My pets also mean a great deal to me. You can see photos of my current pets and perhaps some late pets here.

And as for my mother, she has always been there for me, no matter how hard or dark my life has been. I probably wouldn't be alive still, if it wasn't for her, and I don't mean because I wouldn't have been born. The three friends I mentioned above are about the only ones who match her in specialness to me. To me, that's very impressive, and I'm so thankful to every wonderful person in my life. And as I said elsewhere - perhaps many times - they are the most important thing to me, always.